Recently we discussed how to pinpoint what you are looking for in a new job. If you know your likes and dislikes of past jobs and can identify what you want to experience in a new one, your search is off to a strong start. Now come the practical questions: how do you search for the right job? What do you need to have prepared?   

Three Areas to Consider in Your Job Search 

Social Media

Most potential employers look at your social media profiles. According to a Career Builder survey, researchers found 70% of employers use social networking sites to screen potential candidates, and more than 50% did not hire someone based on the content they found. Long story short, make sure your posts (text, image or otherwise) contain content you would put on the front page of your resume. You wouldn’t want a poorly chosen profile picture, or a questionable tweet be what keeps you from landing your next great career opportunity, would you?


The average corporate job posting will receive 250 resumes, garner four to six interviews, and result in one job offer. If hiring managers are relying on one document to weed out nearly 98% of the applicants, we would argue this is something you should spend a significant amount of time reviewing. We have some valuable resources to help you with this process. You are welcome to download our resume templates here. Customize your resume to include keywords and phrases connected to your experience; this will be key to catch the attention of potential employers.

Finding & Applying to Relevant Jobs

We recommend aggregating several job board listings that you find interesting in one, centralized location for you to review and apply to later. You could also save time and effort by submitting your resume to Palmer Group here which gives access to the 200+ jobs on our website and our expert recruiters. They will talk with you in detail to make sure you understand where your skills and desires match up with our clients in central and eastern Iowa. If you don’t see anything that matches what you’re looking for, we’d still encourage you to apply on our site and sign up for job alerts for future opportunities. 

This entire process will take some time. However, being disciplined and intentional about each piece will ensure progress. If you combine a clear understanding of what you are looking for with tangible steps of how to look for that job, 2020 will be an exciting year of possibilities! If you have further questions on this topic, please reach out to us at Palmer Group today. We are committed to making lives better through the right employment and are ready to assist you in any way we can.

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