Career Transition

Career transitions are inevitable due to changes in organizational and business strategies, mergers and acquisitions, or simply an employee/position mismatch.

Organizations engage Palmer Group to transition employees out of your organization with dignity and coach them through the job search process. Our outplacement programs incorporate the use of guided technology as well as one-on-one attention, combined with local influence and global reach.

Our methods reduce the stress of the transition process and apply effective job search practices that, as a result, land new opportunities faster.

Since 2003, Palmer Group has partnered with client companies, executives and individuals in transition. As part of Career Partners International (CPI), we differentiate ourselves though our continued commitment to a coach-centered approach and high-touch, customized career transition services that address the unique needs of every organization and employee.

6 Reasons Why Companies Use Palmer Group for Outplacement:
  1. We are local!
  2. Protection for your company brand in the marketplace. Our clients say that we not only protect their brand but enhance their brand based on response from the employees that went through our program.
  3. The company’s reputation goes with the employee for life. What will they say about the way they were treated?
  4. Increased engagement. When the remaining employees see that a company cares for its people they perform better.
  5. Reduced unemployment costs – our candidates land 40% faster.
  6. Reduced risk of lawsuits.
When you choose Palmer Group for outplacement/career transition assistance, your displaced employees will receive:
  • In person, one-on-one counseling and coaching from trusted, local experts.
    Our focus is on quality and professionalism, delivered by experienced, proven career consultants.
  • Expert advice on job search strategies and activities that work in Iowa.
    Strategies are based on real-world experience with actual employers and job seekers.
  • Personalized professional resume assistance and social media training.
  • Custom solutions for individuals from entry through executive levels.
  • Proven comprehensive job search tools and training.
  • Momentum™is our proprietary, web-based career transition tool that tracks resumes, job listings and interviews, and also offers skills training, research tools and a progress guide.
  • “PowerMyCareer”, our 24/7 High-Tech Virtual Job Search Platform is available to all participants to assist with their search strategies; sharpening interview skills, producing personalized job leads that match their career goals; constructing an optimal resume.
  • Career Partners International (CPI) network of 270 offices in 45 countries around the world. CPI Partner firms are locally owned and operated with tenured experts.
Outplacement Programs

Designed to match your unique requirements, each of these programs can be customized to fit your needs and your budget.

  • Group programs
  • Individual “Next Step” programs
  • 1-month, 3-month or 6-month professional programs
  • 6-month manager/director programs
  • 12-month executive programs

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