Writing a resume takes time. Styles and rules constantly change. Whether you’re working on your first resume or editing your fifth, knowing the correct arrangement is a challenge. If you have already formatted and written your resume to the best of your understanding, you have a solid foundation. At the same time, there could be ways to make your content even stronger. Our recruiters at Palmer Group are very knowledgeable on this topic, as they communicate with professionals consistently to meet hiring needs. They have come up with three areas you should review to make your next resume the best representation of you and your qualifications. 

Remember the details

Make sure your phone number and email addresses are at the top of the page. Both are important (you might be surprised how often these are forgotten). Also, make sure the spacing is clean and concise throughout the whole resume (if you line dates are all on the right, make sure it’s consistent all the way through). The format of the resume is just as important as the information on it. A well-formatted document with a clean layout and clear contact information leaves a good impression. 

Tailor to each position

Each job application is for a different business or department with varying requirements, along with a distinct company culture. Do your homework to highlight qualities and experiences related to the specific job description. This is where the process can become time-consuming, but still well worth your efforts. Furthermore, working with an employment firm can alleviate some of the weight. Recruiters have an inside handle on the best way to format and showcase your information because of their relationship with each company. They will help your resume stand out.   

Important Note: While we can’t give you a one-size-fits-all template, we can clarify one major point. If you are a recent graduate, place your education and relevant courses at the beginning of the resume, as that is your biggest professional strength.   

Be 100% Honest

This point is invaluable. As mentioned above, your resume layout and word choice will vary depending on the job and application requirements. However, all of your information should be entirely true. Any information you include can be verified, and false statements are grounds for dismissal. When you enter an office for an interview, you should be prepared to answer in detail about the information you placed on your resume. So please do not stretch the facts. Being able to speak knowledgeably about your abilities is more admirable than stumbling around on a subject you aren’t an expert in. 

After you have reviewed these areas, you should feel confident in sending off your resume. If you have any additional questions regarding specific resume updates or how our recruiters can help you make the right connections with potential employers, please contact us today. 

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