As hiring managers, you are often looking to hire qualified candidates who will stay with the company for years to come. Many professionals are looking for their ideal jobs as well, but at times their mindset is only set on the short-term; they are taking positions to pay the bills until they find one more fitting to their goals and skills. So, when you meet those highly qualified individuals, how can you ensure they see you as a long-term solution from the start? How can you keep them engaged once they join your staff? Here are a few ideas to help:   

  1. Ask about their long-term plans. You can make things easier on yourself—and on your ambitious applicants—if you understand each other from the beginning. Make sure you ask the right interview questions and find out all you can about a candidate’s long-term plans. The more you know, the more likely you’ll hire someone who fits what your company needs. Ask them where they envision to be three, five, and ten years down the road. If your company offers a ladder to these destinations, take note, be clear, and let them know. Only share a path to advancement you can in fact offer later on. 
  1. Provide a positive company culture. Invite them into an environment that will have a lasting impact on their lives. Offer feedback tencourage their strengths and expands their skills. Work hard day in and day out, while still taking the time to celebrate progress. Whether that’s stopping by their desks to tell them how well they did on a project or taking a division out for lunch, show them you value their work. 
  1. Equip them for the future. See if you can offer training or education to help their progress within the company. If they complete a program or obtain a certification, let them share their learnings with your staff. If they demonstrate a continuous record of excellence in their work, ask them about their long-term goals within the company. If possible, create a pathway to get them there. If you don’t have an immediate opportunity within their desired department, see if they might be willing to make a lateral move to broaden their skills. You can even prepare them for positions that may open up a few months or a year in the future. 

Today’s job market is competitive, and talented candidates have many opportunities available to them. However, the steps mentioned above can start your relationship with your new employee on the right foot and keep them in your company for years to come. Invest in your staff, and they will be more likely to invest in you. If you have further questions on this topic, or other employment related needs, please reach out to the experts at Palmer Group 

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