How do you foster a work environment that excels in retention, one that keeps your staff fully engaged in their roles? You invest in your employees. Get to know their aspirations for the company and their plans for improving their own professional skill set. Supporting their goals shows value to each individual and encourages longevity in the company. How can employers accomplish this kind of retention? Implement professional development programs. By offering these educational classes or trainings, company leaders lay the foundation for workers to grow and succeed in greater capacities.

Consider this: respectable employees place a high premium on any service or benefit that improves their skills and expands their horizons. They come to work each day and contribute to the best of their ability.  At the end of the year, they receive an evaluation and a set of tailored company goals for the following year. While this is important, it’s also wise to ask employees what they want to accomplish in the next season. This is where professional development programs are key; they are designed to help employees reach their long-term goals. These trainings, whether done in your office or even a classroom setting, encourage employees to reach their goals and elevate their personal brand; the right programs provide the opportunities to strengthen their careers.  Consider these three ideas to implement in your office as you start or strengthen professional development in your business.

Public Speaking

If your employees are involved in sales or communication roles, meetings and speaking events are likely part of their lives. Invite an expert or experienced staff member to address body language, posture, and vocal intonation. Public speaking and rhetorical skill—the ability to present and support a compelling idea—are useful in any industry. Help employees understand the impression they project and offer simple guidance that can increase their confidence to navigate social and professional challenges.

Goal Setting

A personal coaching program should involve a focus on individual employee growth. Find a way to help each of your employees set short and long-term professional goals and help them stay on track with tailored guidance.  This might be through mentorship programs where tenured staff come alongside newer staff members. You might hold specific training to address tangible steps for positive motivation and perspective. This aspect of professional development yields enormous benefits, both for your employees and your company.

Leadership Meetings

Continuously show your staff ways to become better listeners and leaders in the workplace. As managers and directors, have intentional meetings where you can communicate openly. What life lessons have you learned in these roles? What advice can you offer? Maybe there’s an exceptional book on leadership- have your team read and discuss it progressively through meetings. Team leadership programs and group exercises can impart valuable information, and just as important, they can offer a fun way for employees to interact and get to know each other on a personal level.

These are three ways of how you can strengthen your staff and retention rate, but there are undoubtedly more.  If you’re interested in more information about developing a program that works for your company, or if you have further employment questions, contact the experts at Palmer Group.

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