If a colleague asked you who your top employees are and how you keep them engaged in their work, what answer would you give? The first response would probably be the easiest. You know the hard-working individuals that continuously follow through on responsibilities; they go above and beyond without even being asked. The second part of the answer is a little more complicated and multifaceted. Keeping employees engaged requires an excellent management strategy. How can you retain these talented workers? When there are so many offers available in the marketplace, how can you beat the competing offers that threaten to lure your best people away? 

Slow down to appreciate excellence.  

Notice what they are doing well. Exceptional employees don’t come along every day. Companies can unintentionally let valuable workers slip away simply because they forget to monitor or acknowledge their outstanding performance. Keep track of quarterly progress, and approach annual reviews with positivity and awareness of industry standards. For example, if an employee can process fourteen files a day, and industry-standard falls at around five files per day, make sure you affirm his or her extraordinary efforts. They may be completely unaware of how well they are truly doing.  

Challenge what’s good to be great.  

You can take appreciation one step further. Once you pinpoint a strength, how can you challenge them to sharpen that talent even more? The solution might be to give them more responsibility, let them take educational classes, have them teach a training seminar, or a variety of other options. They may not always see these talents in themselves, so they might need a little push of encouragement. Show them you see their gifts and care enough to help them become even better at using them. When employees are invested in such a positive environment, they won’t even be thinking about what other jobs they could be doing.  

Value their thoughts. 

Be proactive in listening. Keep communication channels open and pay attention to your employees as they talk. Have you asked them their thoughts on new processes to implement or changes they want to see in the company? What about their long-term goals and plans, in and out of the office? If their ideas will help them be more skilled workers or improve company processes and culture, do your best to make their dreams realities. This shows employees that it’s not just their work that matters; they matter. And as they support the future of the company and invest in their goals, the more likely it is they will stay for years to come. 

The job market may be competitive, but you can be proactive in helping your employees and company succeed. These steps are a few guidelines that will help keep exceptional professionals on your team.  For more information, please contact Palmer Group and speak with our performance management experts. 

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