Are you thinking about a career change but cannot seem to take the next step? Perhaps you have started the process but are struggling with confidence for an upcoming interview. Whatever the roadblock might be, implementing positive affirmations into your daily routine can give you a needed boost. These thoughts not only improve your job search but can also improve your interview skills as well. What kind of positive affirmations will help you land your ideal job? Thoughts like:  

You will succeed in the interview.

Interviews can be intimidating. Who will you be meeting? Will they like you? What kind of questions will they be asking? These types of questions are common for anyone to have before a big meeting. If you want to calm the nerves before you walk into the unknown, visualize yourself succeeding in that moment. Read through the job description and picture yourself achieving success in the role, performing the tasks, and acing the face-to-face meeting. Once you have already pictured yourself doing everything well, talking about it won’t be so intimidating. 

You will improve your skillset.  

Ever wonder how some of the great athletes like Jack Nicklaus and Michael Jordan got to the heights of their profession? Practice. Practice. And then a little more practice. Then, when they were tired of practicing, they practiced some more. Dedication and determination take time to develop and improve your skill set. Remember, the countless hours the greats spend practicing are not always on the course or court – Michael Jordan made a lot of game-winning shots in his head before he ever made one on the court. Do not be afraid to practice the interview questions with a friend or take an online class to increase your knowledge in your desired field. These extra practices could be the game-winning ticket to your next career. 

You will be proactive. 

What is the most troublesome part of searching for a new job? Starting. For many, the interview might come easy, but they do not even get to that point because the very thought of scanning through hundreds of jobs is overwhelming. Remind yourself why you are doing this in the first place; you are capable and qualified. Want to do one better? Write your reason on a piece of paper and put it in a place you can see it often. Whether it’s a job search or New Year’s resolution, there’s a reason you wanted to do this, and positive affirmation can give you the final push you need. 

You will be a great communicator. 

Reasonably the best reason to start using affirmations – one with implications far beyond a job search – is they can help you become the communicator you have always aspired to be. One of the most distressing part about a job search or new career is meeting new coworkers. Affirmations can improve your entire approach, the way you talk, listen, use body language, and show overall confidence. Visualizing successful conversations with your new peers can pave the way for long-term professional relationships.  

Envisioning your success and capabilities are a part of the process. These tasks might seem trivial at times, but rest assured – if you adhere to them, they will work! And remember, although these are some great motivators specific to your job search, affirmations and visualization can be used to improve any part of your life.  If you would like to talk more on this topic, or have other employment needs, please contact us to speak with one of our staff members.

By Derek Nelson

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